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The Merry Beggars provides a respectful, dignified space for artists to tell beautiful stories. Through original scripts and classic adaptations, our actors and artists collaborate to bring fresh adventures into the homes of families across the nation.

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Francis of Assisi

Francesco, a popular son of a wealthy merchant, was used to a lavish life of partying. Until one day, Francesco converts entirely from vanity and luxury to humility and poverty.

Jan. 31
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Jan. 13
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4.8/5 (264)

I thought you would appreciate knowing that you are officially a “household name”


Rhode Island

I do have one complaint. The episodes are so short! They leave me wanting more!


Middletown, New York

I am a supporter of Relevant Radio and its mission.


San Diego

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for producing these. I’ve truly never heard productions like these