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Original Audio Entertainment for the Whole Family

Seek Virtue and Adventure in Christ

We are on a simple mission to "Heal Our Culture."

Families have grown tired with a culture that undermines their values, morals, and beliefs. It has become increasingly difficult to find engaging content that is also beautiful and life-giving.

This is where we come in.

As a response to our culture, the Merry Beggars creates audio entertainment that inspires families to seek virtue and adventure in Christ.

We aim to become the most trusted family entertainment brand in America by serving Christian and Catholic families with beautiful, life-giving entertainment.

The impact of our shows

Thank you to all of our listeners.

1,000,000+ Downloads

The Original Audio Entertainment produced by the Merry Beggars is being enjoyed by thousands of families internationally.

#3 Podcast on Apple

Our award winning team of producers, writers, and actors have created content with a massive impact. The best part? We're just getting started.

Free for Our Listeners

The generosity of our donors has made it possible for our content to reach a wide audience, impact our culture, and tell exceptional stories.

We are a Catholic Production Company

Your family comes first.

Families deserve support in building beautiful culture in their homes.

As a Catholic production company, all of our shows are in harmony with the Catholic faith, including all issues of morality and belief. Some of the characters in our stories behave in evil ways, but the story itself will never glamorize vice or sin.

We recognize parents need to be in control of what media their children encounter. To help them do this, we provide two things: 

  1. Shows & Episodes are labeled with audience recommendations
  2. We provide Episode Guidance to provide rating context

Together, we can create a world where families can trust and rely on the media they consume to align with their values, morals, and beliefs.

Thousands of Family Listening

And the reviews are in...

We need more of this type of entertainment! Thank you for all that goes in to this!


Each and every episode are spot on. I laugh, cry and get caught up in the story line.


Today's episode had me on the edge of my seat!


We need more of this, especially for families to combat the garbage that passes for entertainment these days. Keep doing what you're doing!


These are amazing! Just wanted to drop by and thank you for producing these. I’ve truly never heard productions like these.


Please know, Merry Beggars staff and family in Christ, that everything you do SAVES us – as was and is the mission of God’s incarnation. Despite life’s tragedies, you’ve given us proof of Life and Light after death. That’s more than a gift or prize. YOU are a Grace from the Lord Himself.


I just wanted to share how much I appreciate the symmetry, the love, and the unmistakable, painstaking care with which I find your brilliant pieces to be made.


Just want you to know that every night in the fisher household, our children ask to listen to the merry beggars and I thought you would appreciate knowing that you are officially a “household name”

Rhode Island

I have been having a wonderful time listening to “Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol adapted for radio by Peter Atkinson." It truly is well done! I particularly enjoy the intro to each episode with the different Christmas carols and sounds of hoofbeats and laughter, it is very inviting. I am intrigued by the story and look forward to listening to each new episode.

I do have one complaint. The episodes are so short! They leave me wanting more! If possible, would you please release all the episodes early so I can listen to them all at once?

Middletown, New York
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