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The Quarantine Plays
The Quarantine Plays

We Know Now

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We Know Now

In 1939, the United States heard Orson Welles' production of War of the Worlds. It was so convincing and so creatively produced that masses of people believe the world was truly under martian attack. Join our host, Norma, as she remembers how that radio show changed her life forever.

Written by Georgia Belle

The Narrator was played by Judy McMillan

Norma was played by Cassidy Sandry

Norma’s Ma was played by Lisa Stanley

Norma’s Pa was played by Cecil Archbold Jr.

Billy was played by Ryan Ledman

Billy’s Ma was played by Bonnie Bogovich

Billy’s Pa was played by Rich Greene

Mrs. Jennings was played by DL Merlin

Younger Sister Bess was played by Bailee Bonick

Casting - Connor Carlin

Direction - Jacob Groth

Sound Design - Theresa Ambat