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Full Show · Christmas, Live!

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Christmas, Live!
With The Merry Beggars

Hosted by Relevant Radio at Lincolnshire, Illinois

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Peter Atkinson
Kiki Fox
Naomi Atkinson
Adam Denoyer
Gabriel Fries
Scott Lynch-Giddings
Shawn Procter
Sarah Simmons

Musical Guests
Julian Hagen & the Home Band
The Irving Sisters
Sarah Rose Jenks
Northridge Preparatory School Youth Choir

Direction: Peter Atkinson
Casting and Production: Michaela Elise Fox
Lead Audio Production: Kevin Conroy
Sound Engineering: Lauren Rymsza
Writing: Cesar Barroso, Buzz McLaughlin, Fiorella Nash, Danny Reckart, Tim Reckart, Kevin Turley, Peter Atkinson
Director of Photography: Austin Vinas
Video Production: Kris Athey, Devin Quinn
Theatrical Assistance: Thomas Engesser, Emily Sturgeon
Admission Staff: Joyce Bauer, Melissa Folkman, Jennifer Lee, Trish Leurck, Colleen Schena

The Merry Beggars is the entertainment division of Relevant Radio, bringing Christ to the world through the media.