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In a culture that has abandoned God, families struggle to find beautiful, faith-affirming stories to inspire their children.

The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage provides thrilling and inspiring stories to ignite your family’s pursuit of virtue and holiness.

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Discover the Lives of the Saints

Learn the stories of the heroes of our faith.

Journey across the sea with Patrick as he escapes slavery and converts Ireland!

Join the front ranks, as Joan of Arc follows God's voice and saves France!

Journey with Benedict of Nursia as he leaves Rome and starts a movement!

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“The Saints are God’s gift to us on earth. They show us the way to love God! What better way to spend time together as a family than to listen to the men and women who are the heroes of the faith.”

Fr. Rocky Hoffman

CEO of Relevant Radio

“We can’t wait for the whole series! The girls are talking about Joan of Arc and making up their own plays in the back yard! The radio play is helping to mature their faith.”


New Jersey

“My children love that the radio show talks about God. Especially when the characters say prayers that my children know!”



“I love that this entertainment is away from all screens. Just listening and using their imaginations and the comfort in knowing that it is good Catholic programming!”



Adventures of Faith and Courage

Daily Stories to Inspire Virtue and Strengthen Faith

From the Founder

I founded The Merry Beggars with one mission: to heal our culture.

It became clear to me while acting in New York City that Hollywood was never going to produce stories that aligned with my Catholic faith.

Six years and over 1,000,000 downloads later, it is our privilege to serve hundreds of thousands of families across the United States by producing beautiful, adventurous, and truly exceptional entertainment.

I hope these shows help you build up your domestic church and raise children who will become saints.

Peter Atkinson
Founder & Executive Producer
The Merry Beggars

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Merry Beggars?

The Merry Beggars is the entertainment division of Relevant Radio. Our mission is to heal the culture by inspiring and encouraging families. The Merry Beggars has produced shows like A Christmas Carol and On the Night Train, reached #3 on Apple Fiction Podcasts and been downloaded over 1 million times.

Who is Peter Atkinson?

Peter Atkinson founded The Merry Beggars while training as an actor at Columbia University’s graduate school (and working as a janitor on the side). He has been published in First Things, studied Classics at Ave Maria University, walked across the country for the Pro-Life cause, and starred Off-Broadway in New York City.

What ages is The Saints appropriate for?

The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage is intended to be appropriate for all ages, though there are some elements of intensity that parents may want to screen before sharing with their children. All our shows are rooted in the Catholic faith and any depictions of intense scenes, fights, or any violence are intended to highlight the beauty and drama of the saints’ lives. We provide content ratings and description labels for parents, so they are able to decide if the content is appropriate for their children. Because children’s sensitivities are different, please read the content descriptions before playing them for your children. We want their hearts to be protected and well formed in the faith!

How is The Saints free?

We’re glad you asked! The Saints is made possible by listeners like you. To support The Saints go to https://themerrybeggars.com/pay-it-forward