EQUIP 2020

Train as an Actor・Teach as an Expert

Summer 2020 Dates coming soon.


A four day summer intensive equipping Catholic high school drama teachers with the tools and resources they need to create life-changing theater.


Learn Technique・Grow as an Artist・Transform Students

Do you struggle with your theater program?

  • Is your program draining your energy?

  • Is it time to learn more technique?

  • Need to convince your administration that theater helps the school?

  • Are you struggling to get a new program off the ground?

  • Does lesson planning make your head hurt?

  • Frustrated trying to find material?


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Transform your students’ lives forever.

Create heart-stopping theater.

Teach world-class technique to your students.

Change their lives for forever.


 Content Includes

  • Acting methods the professionals use to create powerful performances. (Stanislavski, Strasberg, etc.)

  • The acting principles that allow for a life-time of exploration into the craft.

  • Elements of professional aesthetic and how to build a working theater production and rehearsal team. (That takes a burden off of your back!)

  • Approaches that bring Shakespeare to life! Less scansion and more rhetoric.

  • Movement technique and approaches for bringing it into student work.

  • Techniques for creating ensemble and developing a troupe atmosphere. (Viewpoints, group games, etc.)

  • Vocal technique that allows for raw expression and clear articulation. (Linklater & Alexander)

  • Handouts on each technique with explanation of why it is used and ways to implement it in the classroom.

If you teach drama at a Catholic school, you need EQUIP 2020.

What’s my investment?


How much energy is student distraction costing you? How many of your shows are half empty because your audience isn’t floored by the students’ acting? Does your administration understand how your program can support the school? Are your students transformed by your plays? Is your passion for teaching theater dying under the stress of teaching? A lack of support and technique may already be costing you a great deal.

Our mission is to support Catholic artists. Which is why our registration fee is only



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(Most of the costs are being underwritten by donors who want you to bring this training back to your students and do your best work!)


 With the NYC workshop, you’ll get these bonuses:

  • A year of monthly coaching with a New York artist.

  • Recorded physical and vocal warm-ups for yourself and your students.

  • Resources to continually explore techniques and methods.

  • Handouts for all workshop exercises and discussions.


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EQUIP 2020

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