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A Christmas Carol
The Grave

The Grave


The Grave

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come brings Scrooge to a gravesite, where the identity of the wretched man is revealed.

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Story telling, magical, retelling of famous literature, depictions of ghosts, spooky


The Grave

Narrator - Peter Atkinson

Charles Dickens - Zeuben Painter-Edington

Ebenezer Scrooge - Scott Lynch Giddings

Sound Design - Theresa Ambat and Kevin Conroy

Sound Engineering - Kevin Conroy

Casting and Production - Peter Atkinson and Michaela Elise Fox

Singing was provided by the Lincolnshire Relevant Radio Staff, the choir of St. Peter’s in Volo, and The Merry Beggars Ensemble.

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A Christmas Carol

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