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A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol

The Fezziwigs

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The Fezziwigs

Scrooge's heart lightens when the Ghost of Christmas Past takes him to a happier memory. His old master, Mr. Fezziwig, is throwing a Christmas party. Scrooge has attended in the past, and, to his pleasant surprise, he is attending again.

Narrator - Peter Atkinson

Charles Dickens - Zeuben Painter-Edington

Ebenezer Scrooge - Scott Lynch Giddings

Ghost of Christmas Past - Rick Lamers

Mr. Fezziwig - Alan Ball

Mrs. Fezziwig - Anita Silvert

Young Scrooge - Gabriel Fries

Richard Wilkins - Josh Cahn

Writing and Adaptation - Peter Atkinson and Buzz McLaughlin

Sound Design - Theresa Ambat and Kevin Conroy

Sound Engineering - Kevin Conroy

Casting and Production - Peter Atkinson and Michaela Elise Fox

Singing was provided by the Lincolnshire Relevant Radio Staff, the choir of St. Peter’s in Volo, and The Merry Beggars Ensemble.